Sunday, March 1, 2009

Farewell February!

Did I miss it? I must have blinked!

Hopefully you have taken our "No news" to mean we have been diligently working.

You would be quite right! We are taking a quick break to keep you all in the loop!

Right after our trip to Twain Harte...

1) I began my 6th semester of Grad school, at Western Seminary.
Because I knew I'd be wedding planning, I kept my load "lighter" with only two
classes. This has proved to be one of my busier semesters.

2) I found my wedding dress! NO Peeking! Just wait until June 20th! :)

February began with a trip with my roommates and dear friends to San Francisco for a showing of the Broadway play Wicked! Let me just say it was AMAZING!

Matt and I began a class at our church on Financial Freedom working toward understanding how to be good stewards of the resources God has entrusted us with!

On the heels of the Financial Freedom workshop, we began a Maximize Your Marriage Seminar today at 9:15am in it's place. These are both in addition to the professional counseling we are investing in to help our marriage get off on the right foot. It is going to be worth all of the hard work we are putting in!

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