Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Growing up in my family we always had a spot in our kitchen were we would post things that we wanted some we will purchase but it opens a window into us. If there was something we hoped for it was common to hear put it on "the wish list"... Some "your never gonna get" like a car turning 16 and some more realistic possibilities but it was always fun to dream. Wedding Registries are kinda like this to us but Matt and I thought it might be fun to add a few things here keeping in that tradition. (pics from costco, but all are simply ideas :)


bikes - we like the idea of riding together, his and hers :)

tv - useful for watching movies...

camera -

cordless drill -

Joy of Cooking -

April Showers :)

We have had some amazing times this April...

The beginning of the month I, Jill, was in full finals for two classes, Research and Psycho-pharmacology. I finished out the semester April 17th! I will go back next Fall... Check back then for the interesting classes I will take! planning takes center stage!

During and after finals:

Matt and I were working with a very patient and amazing designer...

Jeff Murphy and his bride to be Aftan Allard
of Exclusive Image: make our invitations that are currently in the mail!

SIDENOTE: if for some reason in the next couple weeks you don't receive your invitation and you did get a save-the-date please email and let us know! :)

SPECIAL THANKS to all who helped with the assembly... Heather D, Helen P, Kirsten D, Autumn B, Gina L, Stacie C, we wouldn't have been able to do it without you!

We got to celebrate the 1st birthday of our dear friends son, Johann Gothald!

The Ivy House Girls (my roomies) threw an amazing co-ed shower for Matt and I on April 18th! :)

It was such a blessing to see and celebrate with many dear friends!

In addition to taking care of the many details and learning to surrender...

We met and finalized dinner plans with our amazing friend Candy who is going to cater our event! :)

Matt and I are currently looking for a place in the area for him to move into mid-May or at the latest June 1st. It would be helpful to be able to have most of our stuff moved in... when it will become my home on June 20th! :) We'd love your prayers as we ask God for provision for our needs and specifically for a place where we can be a blessing to those around us! Thanks in advance and it is gonna be so cool to see where God, in his wisdom and timing, leads! :)

Thanks for stopping by... :) Keep checking back!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Be mine?

February, of course, brings sweet Valentines... We had some wonderful times throughout the day! I made breakfast for Matt and he ended the evening with a sweet dinner at P.F. Chang's (a favorite of ours)

Farewell February!

Did I miss it? I must have blinked!

Hopefully you have taken our "No news" to mean we have been diligently working.

You would be quite right! We are taking a quick break to keep you all in the loop!

Right after our trip to Twain Harte...

1) I began my 6th semester of Grad school, at Western Seminary.
Because I knew I'd be wedding planning, I kept my load "lighter" with only two
classes. This has proved to be one of my busier semesters.

2) I found my wedding dress! NO Peeking! Just wait until June 20th! :)

February began with a trip with my roommates and dear friends to San Francisco for a showing of the Broadway play Wicked! Let me just say it was AMAZING!

Matt and I began a class at our church on Financial Freedom working toward understanding how to be good stewards of the resources God has entrusted us with!

On the heels of the Financial Freedom workshop, we began a Maximize Your Marriage Seminar today at 9:15am in it's place. These are both in addition to the professional counseling we are investing in to help our marriage get off on the right foot. It is going to be worth all of the hard work we are putting in!

Sunday, February 1, 2009


Here are the hotels where we have blocked off rooms...

Make sure to mention you are with the Farmer/Bigelow Wedding for a special rate!

We hope this will help in your planning!

1) The Red Cottage Inn
1704 El Camino Real
Menlo Park, CA 94025
(650) 326-9010

2) The Sheraton
625 El Camino Real
Palo Alto, CA 94301
(650) 328-2800

3) The Westin
675 El Camino Real
Palo Alto, CA 94301
(650) 321-4422

Friday, January 23, 2009

Young Adults Winter Retreat Twain Harte, CA Jan 9-11

Winter in California didn’t feel like winter at all this week! We enjoyed mid to upper 60’s throughout the days… It was fun to share in the community and walk close by dear friends. This was our last retreat as single people! We had to go… We are so glad we did! God is constantly at work meeting and moving in our hearts; it was just that we had slowed down enough to hear Him. We had such fun deepening friendships and catching up on much needed time away from daily life!

Happy New Year

The New Year was welcomed with a theme party! Dress up in your favorite decade’s fashion! Comment back with your “guesses” as to what decade was our favorite or at least easy costumes. Happy 2009! We can’t believe it is the year we get married!!! Look forward to seeing you all there!

Christmas in California

Ahhh… Christmas! It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

What fun to create new traditions… together!

We spent the time we had off sharing with loved ones the joy of remembering Christ’s birth and the affect that has on our lives!

Peninsula Covenant Church had a Christmas Eve candle lit service that we went to with our family and friends. In the midst of their remodel, in a brand new dining area; we had a phenomenal Christmas dinner [Thanks Brad & Stacie]!

What a joy to know the value we innately hold because of being God’s loved and chosen creation. We went to spend some time with my mom and had the distinct pleasure of spending the afternoon with my grandparents and uncle and cousins. We spent time sharing in memories and hopes for the future.

Thanksgiving - Turkey Day!

We give thanks.

This year we spent Thanksgiving Day with my sister and her husband's family. Our last Thanksgiving unmarried! It was fun to celebrate and imagine what the future holds!

It is such a blessing to begin to understand family in new ways. I am most thankful that we begin our own family with the support and love of so many! We are thankful!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Brief Wedding Information

Who: Matt Bigelow & Jill Farmer
What: Plan to make a Marriage Covenant before God and their family and friends
When: 6.20.2009
Where: Atherton, CA
How: By God's Grace and the generous gifts of family and friends.
Check back here for places to stay in this area,
for pre-wedding festivities, directions and much more...
Save-the-dates and Formal Wedding Invitations will be sent.

The Proposal

The month of July 2008 I spent in Hawaii with work. Matt was invited to join us and came the last week. We had a sweet reunion after three weeks apart... Sunday, July 27, 2008 Matt knocked to wake me up for a hike to see the sunrise. On the top of a small mountain we watched the sun come up over the ocean. We had a deep and blessed conversation. It was lovely.

We hiked back to the house and Matt surprised me with a sweet breakfast on the beach, he left nothing out! He gave me a photo album of the last two years of dating. I took a while perusing my new gift, having no clue that Matt had another treat burning in his pocket :)

I read a sweet note he left for me in the album, where he wrote for the first time ever those three little words "I love you!" When those words came I knew a ring was next, since that was our agreement surrounding those powerful words. As I looked up, Matt was on his knee holding the ring before me... He said, "Jill, I want to spend the rest of my life with you. I love you! Will you marry me?!" I answered him with a kiss and "Yes, Yes, Forever, Yes!"

Because Matt had made sure to ask me in the morning we were able to talk to our family (given the 3 hour time difference for my family and 6 hour time difference for his.) He is very thoughtful! :)


Welcome to our blog!

We will be posting updates here until the wedding...

...check back after to hear the latest and greatest of our beginnings!